Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Bootloader Unlock

Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Bootloader Unlock in Simple and easy steps.

Device Samsung Galaxy F52 5G
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 750G
CameraFront: 16MP
Rear Camera : 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
Display6.60-inch (1080×2408)
Release DateMay 2021
Samsung Bootloader Unlock

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How to Unlock Bootloader in Samsung Galaxy F52 5GStep by Step: 

The Samsung Galaxy F52 5Gis an entry-level phone in the budget sector. Even though it has a lot of great features, some users may wish to play with the internal system and OS, such as installing a new custom ROM, backing up system data, customising the Android device, rooting the device, and so on. The bootloader is essential for this method, and we will describe how to unlock the bootloader in the Samsung Galaxy M32.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader :

  • Use the power button to turn on the SAMSUNG Galaxy M32.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the internet using your favourite router.
  • Check to see whether your SAMSUNG Galaxy F52 5G has received a firmware update in the settings menu.
  • On the Galaxy M32, enable Developer Mode.
  • Start the Settings programme.
  • Scroll down and select Developer Options from the drop-down menu
  • Turn the OEM Unlock switch on.
  • Tap the enable option to confirm.
  • Use the power button to turn off the SAMSUNG Galaxy F52 5G. To enter download mode, press Volume Up + Volume Down and connect your device to a PC.
  • Then keep the volume up button down until the bootloader unlock menu appears.
  • To finalise the bootloader unlock procedure, press the volume up button one more.
  • If you receive a notice from SAMSUNG Galaxy F52 5G stating that all data will be wiped, simply confirm that you understand and the procedure will commence.
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy F52 5G will reboot when the procedure is completed, and the device will have an unlocked bootloader, which SAMSUNG Galaxy F52 5G will display on the screen.
  • That’s all, everything went well, and you may now write to the phone’s ROOT, Custom Recovery, or Custom Firmware.

What is Bootloader ?

A bootloader is a piece of software that allows a system to start up. The software on a system, including operating systems, application programs, and data, is saved in non-volatile memory after it is switched off. When a system is first turned on, it usually lacks an operating system and a loader in random-access memory (RAM). Before accessing the nonvolatile device or devices from which the operating system programs and data may be loaded into RAM, the system first executes a very tiny program stored in read-only memory along with the essential data to initialize RAM. A bootstrap loader, often known as a bootstrap or boot loader, is a short software that initiates this procedure.

A bootloader is a vendor-specific image that is responsible for booting up a device’s kernel. It is responsible for initializing the Trusted Execution Environment and binding its root of trust, as well as guarding the device state. Before shifting execution to the kernel, the bootloader examines the integrity of the boot and recovery partitions and displays boot state warnings.

When the phone won’t start properly or need to access particular system tools to assist the address problems, one can utilise the Bootloader. It might need to utilise it in the following situations:

  • Factory resetting a phone that can’t be reset any other way
  • Restarting a phone that can’t be restarted otherwise
  • Cache partition erasure
  • Viewing important details about the phone

Requirements for Unlocking the Bootloader 

  • Charge Your Phone To 100% Or At Least 75% With The Bootloader
  • Only the Samsung Galaxy F52 5G is covered in this guide. Please don’t use this method on any other devices.

Benefits of Bootloader Unlocking

  • Once you’ve unlocked the bootloader, you may install custom ROMs.
  • One Can Root Samsung Galaxy F52 5G After Unlocking Bootloader
  • TWRP Recovery For Samsung Galaxy F52 5G Is Simple To Install
  • Boost the Performance of the Phone

Demerits of Bootloader Unlocking

  • The phone’s warranty will be void if you unlock it.
  • Could have Issues With OTA Updates
  • Might Get Stuck In A Boot Loop While Rooting Or Installing A Custom ROM.


Before using Bootloader, it’s important to think about the system requirements as well as the benefits and drawbacks. The procedure described above will root the Samsung F52 5G, allowing you to enjoy all of the phone’s root features. However, there are a few things one should know before resetting the phone. Because Samsung uses dual-layer security, one must follow the instructions while rebooting the system.